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#515: Spring Equinox snow

We woke this morning to a magical snow:

Cisco Beach

Cisco Beach cliff,
quite a bit of erosion
 from all the storms this winter.

Snow covered roofs, icicle sparkle
At first glance, a crashing wave
but it’s the grasses at the side of the road,
snow dusted.
Even in the snow, a true sign of Spring:

Political yard signs,
in all the languages Nantucket speaks.
Here’s hoping my son, Tobias,
gets elected this time.

#511: Winter Storm from the Tower

Here’s what a winter storm looks like from
Summer Street Church’s tower:
This picture’s enhanced,
even so, you can’t see the harbor at all.
If you want pictures of the flooding
go here.
Even red houses fade.

It’s not really snow,
more like slush,
falling from the sky.

Being driven almost horizontal
by the winds.


Think I’ll climb down,
the tower’s shaking…

#506: Surfside Sunset Kiss

The sun sets over Surfside
Laying down a blanket of snow

 a kiss good-night
a soothing lullaby
 Sweet dreams.

#504: Nemo on Nantucket

A blizzard piles up a bunch of snow:

Our front deck disappeared entirely.

Our trailblazer cat, Fluffy.
Yes, he  really is that fat.
Not a bit intimidated by all that snow.

Patio picnics will have to wait.

The back door was shovelable, but icy.
In three days it’s gone from snow everywhere
to slush and ice, to scattered piles of snow.
I’m sure the aquifer did well in this storm.
Our lettuce bed yielded this tiny brassica.
A bit of gold in all the white.
I came into the dining room to find this poem,
by Becky:
See me and remember 
the hot, hot sun
the touching breeze through
the grasses, between
petals, leaves

There is no hope like a flower.

#501: Nantucket’s Hobbit Houses

OK, not really hobbit houses
but sooooo close.
in Sconset.
Lace curtains,
properly starched and ironed.

Rooster jail.
I have known some roosters who needed to be jailed.

Bath house, where’s the soaking tub?

Table set for four.

Do come in, the gate is always open.

Nantucket’s version of Bagshot Row.

Pan is not pleased.
This is not his kind of weather.

Roses aren’t blooming,
the Gray Lady shows her true colors.
(click on the name to peek inside)

Ivy’s still green.

And the door is rose…
Hang in there, spring will come.

The angel still blesses,
even in the snow.

#498: Winter Excursion

 David recently ran the 16 mile Boston Prep race in Derry, NH
Here he is before the race
And I go off to buy chicken feed 
and garden fencing at the Tractor Supply Company,
saving a couple hundred dollars over island prices.
It was 16 degrees out, I sure wasn’t going
to clap for two hours in that kind of cold.
16 miles later,
he rounds the corner to the finish line

High-five for my hero.

Chili and bread to refuel,
with five hundred plus other runners
 in the local elementary school.
All happy and hungry.

Then a quiet visit to Robert Frost’s farm.
A runner takes the ‘less travelled by road
and it does indeed, ‘make all the difference’.

#497: Sunbow

My daughter spotted it first:
A rainbow all the way around the sun.
Oh, glory!
Fog over the cranberry bogs.

Joyous red in all the grey,
winter food for birds.

On the side of Milestone Road.

Standing sentinel

Fading in the distance

Reaching up in worship

Some worship alone
Three sisters sing together
A whole congregation of praise

Sankaty Light, shining in the darkness.

#493: Nantucket Snowy Sunrise

Because of wind and warmer winters 
due to the ‘ocean effect’
Nantucket hardly ever gets snow that sticks.
So we get our pictures right away,
praising God for His artistic hand.
Surfside, almost dawn

Snack Bar and bike racks

American Elm by the high school,
cauliflower white 

Sunrise behind the Old Mill

Blazing light beyond somber tombstones

Prospect Hill cemetery in pink

Squam Swamp,
the wind had already blown the snow from the branches
of the tupelos.

Pockmarking the snow on the ground
Trees wait, patiently.

#491: Snowy Doorways

Everything is so much lovelier when capped with snow.
Temporarily obsessed with Nantucket doorways:
A properly humble entry.
Steps come up from the side.
No devout Quaker would have
their steps leading straight in.


 And welcoming.

Love these colors,

And these.
You can tell the houses with negligent
caretakers as the wreaths stay up 
way past Christmas.

Hospital Thrift Shop
The sign says ‘We love our volunteers’

No sailing today.

A noble door,
the gateway to knowledge.

Shoveled walk. The only one on Broad Street.
 Stubbys stays open all winter.

As do the churches, only we meet downstairs
where it’s more cozy.
No need to shovel here, the snow will all have melted
by Sunday.

#490: Beyond Beautiful

And it did!
Nantucket is beyond beautiful in a fresh snowfall:
This is Summer Street Church’s tower.
I intended to go up in it to get a shot of town.
Sadly, I was driving the truck and my church key
is on the car’s key chain.
Still, a lovely sky beyond the tower.

Lower Main Street

 Pine Street

Upper Main Street

Easy Street Basin

Freight Boat, morning run.

Look close.
And beyond.