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#301: Daikon and Turnip Harvest

It’s happened.
A week till Christmas and
Nantucket has her first hard frost.
Ice crystals on the lichens on the garden fence.
 Time to put away the outdoor projects:
And harvest the turnips and daikon radishes:
The frost sparkles on the turnips:
 A generous harvest in a bright winter sun:
Lord, we are truly thankful. 

#297: Jetties Beach Unpeopled

Here’s the beach in December:
The stones are still warm but no children perch there,
awaiting rides.

The gulls remain. What do they eat when there
are no sandwiches to steal?
Scallops. We harvest the muscle but the gulls
get the rest.

Nantucket takes care of her own.
I wish I could convey the sounds and powerful smell
of this tremendous pile.
Not to worry, it will all be gone by summer.
And the gulls will return to their thieving ways.

#294: Sermon Haiku #22: Jeremiah 33:13-22

Real Presence, real joy
When life’s struggles overwhelm
I will give you rest
Seek diligently
Strive to see clearly in a
fog obscured mirror
Find truth in the Word
fueled by curiosity
discovery comes
Now I know in part,
then I shall know fully, as
I am fully known.

#289: Stroll Weekend

Welcome to Christmas Nantucket Stroll style!

 Carolers at the top of Main Street

And their audience, singing along

A ‘Dear Santa’ letter from the tree

And another

What no kid of mine will ever get for Christmas
(well, maybe the tools…)
There were some amazing craftspeople at the 
Preservation Institute.
More on them tomorrow.
The biggest thrill of the day 
had nothing to do with Christmas:
An International Resort reverts to her small town roots.
Go Whalers.

#285: Surfside Beach, Nantucket

To love Surfside beach in the summer
is to love family times, tumbling in the surf,
riding the waves, soaking up the sun:
OK, maybe not always the sun.
Even the foggiest days were beach days!
To love Surfside in the off-season
is to love solitude, 
an empty beach,
and the early morning sun.

#284: Nantucket Tabletop

Summer is past,
 the garden’s bounty preserved. 
Beans are dried,
pumpkins stored in the basement.
Except for these:
Jacob’s Cattle Beans and Pie Pumpkin.
Thank you, Lord, for fruit and fun.

#282: Sermon Haiku #20: 2 Timothy 3:10-4:8

The doorknob statement
hand on exit, essential
summary of hopes
What’s your life mission?
Paul’s was to finish well
Accomplishing what?
To fight the good fight
To endure whatever came
Proclaiming the faith
Trials, pain, suffering
God’s means of refining us
Learning to trust grace
No matter what comes
Don’t get away from Scripture
Hold tight to the Word.
The King is coming.

#281: Photogenic Breakfast

My usual breakfast is oatmeal.
Oatmeal does not fit in with my 
‘appreciation of God’s beauty’ theme.
The actual grain is lovely but not the breakfast goo.
Here’s my photogenic morning:
Gather eggs from under this russett hen.
Her nesting box used to be a speaker cabinet.
Wash and display eggs.
Beauty is food for the soul.
Use eggs to make waffles with the waffler,
being careful not to overfill lest the stove require cleaning.
There’s no beauty in a sticky stove.

#270: Earthbound Birds-Nantucket Harbor

Riding my bike into town along
Washington Street I came across these birds:
hanging out in a park by the water

 looking as if they were ready to fly
 bound to the earth by metal frames.

Nice work. Thank you, Nantz.

#261: Nantucket Fall Color

Technically, we’re in New England.
Just not the glorious Sugar Maple color New England.
Nantucket is more like:
Lots of scrub oak and bayberry.
The pout ponds are serenely pretty:
Bordered by winterberry.
The bike paths too:
Orange and yellow bittersweet,
 invasive and lovely.
Red Sumac adds some color,
with ruby jeweled seeds.
There’s always pumpkins:
Little chibi head.
Soon to shine then to be made into a pie.
We all have our place in the Master Plan.