#621: Outrage Update

In case you missed the parking ticket post,
here it is.
On Nantucket there is a way to contest a ticket.
Every Wednesday from 2-3 at 2 Fairgrounds Rd.
Mr. Gardner will listen to your side and look at your pictures.
When I showed him where I was parked, he forgave the ticket.
It really does look like a heavily used spot.

I asked for permission to mark the spot so others
wouldn’t get ticketed and he thought that was a good idea.
See, that’s what I love about Nantucket,
if there’s a problem, you can try to solve it. 
No point in protesting an unfair ticket if I’m not 
prepared to do something about it.
Sadly, when I got there, I found yet another ticketed car.
I wrote a note and asked them to put my rock signs
 in place when they left.
They either say no parking or no puking.
Either activity is frowned on in this location.
This space is no longer generating multiple $50 tickets.
Mischief managed

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