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#509: Sermon Haiku #39: Galatians 3

Living by the law
Self-defeating arrogance
Hopelessness revealed
Sunglow shines on sin
Scrubbed away by Jesus’ blood
Complete acceptance?
Yes! By grace, not works
World’s power irrelevant
Equal heirs in Christ
World-wide believers
Even here at Summer Street
Worshipping as one
Hailing from Holland
Brazil, Germany, Norway
Lebanon, Haiti
Jamaica, Belgium,
the only real question:
Do I walk with Christ?

#452: Thankful for girlfriends

30 days of thanks: Day 6
Most every Tuesday night 
I get together with a half-dozen or so
women for a Bible Study.
We meet at Ruth’s house,
work through our current study–
Timothy Keller’s gospel in life,
talk and pray until the fire goes down,
then go home, 
encouraged to keep trusting Jesus,
no matter what the situation:
No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, 

neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future
 nor any powers,  neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation,
will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 8:37-39

More than conquerers through Him
who loved us. 
So very thankful.

#424: Looking for God signs

This has been Vacation Bible School week.
I can’t begin to describe the craziness and joy
of teaching children about Jesus.
we asked the kids to report ‘God sightings’
throughout the week.
Here’s one my grandson saw:
A monarch, ready to emerge.
There he is!
Wings expanding…
A Zinnia for his first meal.
Thank you, Lord,
that caterpillars turn into butterflies.

#404: Baby Bear’s Chair

Creativity is a group effort.
First, there was the silkworm.
Then the fabric designer.
Then the woman at the loom.

Then the necktie maker, handstitching on the bias.
Then the businessman’s kids,
selecting just the right one for Father’s Day.
Then the businessman’s wife,
sneaking his old clothes out of the house,
because he never gets rid of anything.

Then the Take-it-or-Leave-it pile at the dump,
where my spy spots it and saves it out for me.
Then I weave it into one of my chairs.
See the little whale?
There’s always a bit of Nantucket in the weave.
I don’t know who made the chair frame.
I bought it at the Consignment Shop then replaced
the worn-out Shaker tape.

The creative effort of many silkworms, 
dozens of folk, one tree,
and Jesus, through whom all things were created.
  What a joy to be part of the process.

#374: Easter Sunday

Through the fog,
seeking in darkness.
He is no longer in the grave.
He is risen!
Prepare the feast…

#371: Castaway beauty

Not easily noticed,
but if you stop, 
and look closely:
 There is beauty
 in the wrack zone
twisted symmetry.
Life’s wrack line is similar: 
Even tossed about,
the detritus of the wrack line
is lovely.

#362: Sermon Haiku 33: John 4

Jesus mapped the path
Make disciples, mentor them
Like Nicodemus
Or Samaritan
Woman, at the well, at noon,
No one talks to her
Surprised by Jesus
Offering living water 
Something far deeper
A spring welling up
God’s gift, eternal life. Sir,
Give me this water
Go, call your husband
Why did Jesus bring this up?
Heart level caring
Reveal hidden things
He sees, understands, remains
Deals with sin anchor
Don’t change the subject
‘I who speak to you am He.’
What am I hiding?

#324: Sermon Haiku #26: Matthew 3

Infallible words
God’s global positioning
Listen for His voice
John, in camel’s hair
GPS, points to Jesus
Wilderness crier
Leaving Galilee
Jesus came to be baptized
John was reluctant
You should baptize me
Not the other way around
‘Let it be so, now’
So, John baptized Him
Under the Jordan’s waters
Standing there, dripping
Holy Trinity
The dove, the voice from heaven
the beloved son
When we meet Jesus
He forgives first, don’t miss this
Then the Spirit comes
As His much loved child,
will you pass on the story?
Others are still lost
Looking for the way

#318: Tiny Epiphany

Sunrises are like God saying, Here I am, I love you!
Big splash, as it were.
It takes more focus to see Him in the small:
baby lettuce
(in the greenhouse)
rosemary blossoms
carnation bud,
and if you miss Him there…
I have loved you with an everlasting love’

#315: Nantucket Ecosystems

Non-native plants need protection
from winter’s storms:
Burlap wrapped ‘privacy screen’
Opposite these, and closer to the beach,
an entire ecosystem thrives:
Bordered by scrub pines, looking closer:
beachgrass, with an extensive root system
 which holds the sand, and
lichens, which feed off the very salt spray and 
blazing sun that kills plants not suited to the dune ecosystem.
Scrub pine and beachgrass and lichens aren’t tough–
walking on this patch would kill it in one season.
What they are is, in the place God meant them to be.
That’s where they thrive.
So, if I’m not thriving, 
is my heart in the place where God means it to be?