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#610: The Far Side of Sesachacha Pond

There used to be a wood gate off Polpis Road.
It opened onto a dirt road to Sesachacha Pond.
The gate and most of the road are gone now,
but it’s a peaceful 1/2 mile walk.
With a view of Sankaty Light over the marsh

And fox grape buds everywhere,
We’ll be sure to come back in the fall to pick grapes.

At road’s end there’s a path down to the pond.

Perfect for fishing.

Or duck hunting, in season.
the name of this building is
‘Duck Wack Shack’

There are bridges across waterways 
from the marshes. Improvised…
And solidly built. 
So many birds in here!
Heard but not seen.
Nature feels the same way about this sign as I do.

Here are the true resident of Sesachacha:
wild oysters,

Ospreys, and the fish they eat.

Garbage in the brush comes from people,

not trees reaching for the moon,

nor deer,

nor the sandpiper who left these delicate prints

Back up the path to home.
Leaving behind Sesachacha as we found it.
It’s all yours, sandpiper.

#592: Coskata Ramble

David and I took a Sunday afternoon walk,
in search of snowy owls (which we didn’t find).
Here’s our route.
Heading out from Wauwinet,
the music begins softly.
The heavens, telling the glory of God.
In ever-changing symphony.
And the waters echoed back His praise.

A cedar solo.
Woodwinds sang out brightly,
unperturbed by yesterday’s storm.
Lichen and heather, 
sweet harmonies under a timpani sun.

Coskata Woods strings,
alive with songbirds.

Oceanside crescendo.

Piccolo seaweed.
God’s hand in the details.
All creation sings His praise.
It was a gloriously beautiful walk.

#496: Walk with me: Monomoy freeze

The harbor isn’t quite frozen over,
but there’s ice. 
David and I went down to see:
Food for the birds along the path
A gull and a pair of mallards next to the
 Monomoy fresh water drain, clear of ice.
My arctic explorer.
The only boat to be seen is Blair Perkin’s
The ice forms, then cracks as the waves roll in.

A ‘gull sweep’ at the end of a pier,
meant to keep the gulls from landing;
the pier is still littered with the shells they drop
and break to get at the meat. 

Underneath is all clean.
Is that the door into summer?
Not yet.

#443: Finding Serenity: Psalm 42:5

Why my soul, are you downcast?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
My Savior and my God.

#389: I’m so blue

Grey skies, day after day,
where’s my blue sky joy-source?
To cheer myself up I went through my pictures
and found these summer skies:
 Over the moors on the way to ‘Sconset,
tidily mowed so the hawks can see the rodents, to eat.
 Road through the Central Moors.
The Serengeti, No, this is out toward ‘Sconset again.
I love these high wispy, cirrus clouds.

 Lobster weathervane, taking a break.
Nothing happening today but beach weather.
That’s what I’m waiting for…
meanwhile, there’s a garden to plant.
Seedlings are also a joy-source.

#346: Whimsical Windows

Back when we were first married,
David and I lived over the fish market,
on Steamboat Wharf.
We’d often go for walks at night and
look in people’s windows.
Yes, folks, we did.
Nobody had shades or curtains
so you could look all you want.
I got lots of interior decorating ideas
which I have yet to incorporate into my home.
Kitchen towels hung by clothespins for curtains.
This is on the Sconset Bluff walk.

Geraniums. Pink is perfect.

One starfish per window. 
Party dresses, awaiting
Cheryl Fudge‘s Fashion Camp.
Summer’s coming.

#345: Vernal Pool Maple

There’s a swamp maple leaning
over a vernal pool in Squam Swamp.
I have favorite pictures of my kids
all lined up on the trunk that overhangs the pool.
This is the tree last year:
The trunk the kids climbed on.

The whole tree reflected in the pool.
The same tree, just this week:
The other trunks still stand, but I’ll miss this fine
old grandfather trunk.
It’s a part of living in the shadow of the Fall,
beauty passes;
leaving only memories.

#333: Snow’s gone on Nantucket

Now we have a rainstorm.
Here’s the State Forest in January:
It seems peaceful because 
you can’t hear the wind blowing
And the trees creaking as they bend
Water droplets sparkle everywhere

Pine needles float on reflective puddles
Rainbow bubbles on pine trunks
Does anyone know what causes this?
Do I really want to go under there?
Yes, I do. I’ll miss the wonder of God’s
creation if I don’t get out into it and worship.

#331: The Chanticleer

My laptop is at Computer Solutions until further notice.
As I’m using the desktop I have to be quick.
This is the homework computer.
So, to cheer myself up during the grey days, I give you:
 The Chanticleer in August.
Roses cover the roof.
Chanticleer against blue, blue sky.

The Carousel Pony soars over the flower beds.
I feel better already.

#326: Sermon Haiku 28: Matthew 5

Three guys with a boat
Everything’s about to change
Because of Jesus

The story begins
He needs a boat to teach from
Peter rows Him out
After the teaching
Even though the nets are cleaned
Jesus says ‘Go fish’
What? We fished all night!
Since it’s You: ‘lower the nets’
The whole crowd watches

As the nets fill up
The other boat comes to help
Overwhelming catch
Peter realizes
This is not about the fish
God stands next to him
Leaving everything
hundreds of fish, nets, boats, home
They follow Jesus

Whom do I follow?