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#615: Rainy Day Project

It’s a rainy day on Nantucket.
Bearded iris through my bedroom window.

The baby chicks are warm enough beneath their light.
The constant peeping is so sweet.
So, with no gardening possible, 
I’ve been working on a footstool.

This collection of ties came in the mail.
I’m weaving them for a recently bereaved widow.
She sent pictures of her husband to inspire me.
Which I posted as I wove.
He favored the richer hues: gold, maroon, navy.
Which produced a jewel-toned piece.
Right side up.

Upside down.

And forward. Isn’t it beautiful?
A rich-hued memorial of a well lived life.
Thank you, Jean, for the privilege of weaving for you.

#604: Easter egg necktie-dye kits

Islanders hate to toss anything.
You know, “We’re on an island, what if I need it later?”
(it being paper written on only one side, car parts,
bits of wood, clothing suitable for painting rags…)
Thus, I was reluctant to discard the fat ends of neckties
I don’t use in my business.
Last year my Sunday School class used neckties to make these:
Click here to see how.
Still,  gorgeous as they were,  they only used up a dozen fat ends.
This year, I’m making kits:
Lots of kits,
82 fat ends worth.
First I disassembled and cut up the ties.
Then made stacks of 12 different pieces for the kits,
with a couple of extras for just-in-case.
Then, cotton wraps from cleaned old sheets,
a twofer: I got to recycle sheets too!
Sets of elastics to tie it all together.
All bagged up in reusable lunch bags.
If you’d like one, email me.
I don’t use plastic bags, they can’t be recycled.
I colored in different patterns on each chick tie
while watching Ted talks.
I love Ted talks.
Also, YouTube.
Sharing some Nantucket happy. That’s my son, the selectman,
at 2:33.
Yes, we’re happy and busy in the winter;
but still can’t wait for Easter.

#549: The Nantucket Folk Art and Artisan Show

I’m in it! Woohoo!
I’ve never applied before as even the smallest booth costs $500.
But this year my friend Marcia Strickland
is sharing her booth with me.

 Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear chairs are ready for 

Baby Bear’s chair has a silk tie pouch 
for a Beatrix Potter story.

I made 3 more of these stools,
which explains why I haven’t blogged for a week…

And another toddler rocker, in red,
for Marcia’s handmade Butterscotch Bear.
By handmade I mean no machine sewing,
all by hand.
She amazes me.

 Here’s the booth.
I’m thinking a few silk neckties would spice it up,
have to talk to Marcia …

Hopefully, these, plus Marcia’s Nantucket photos, 
will all be gone by Monday.
I’ll let you know.

#529: Nantucket Patterns

Narcissus in the mist.
There are so many daffodils this time of year,
it takes deliberate effort to appreciate individuals.
Same with my woven necktie seats.
See the tiny whales?

Seashell patterns show the touch of God.
Both univalves…

And bivalves.

Even lowly tree mushrooms sing His glory.
We join in when we create patterns
of our own.

#484: Falling in love again

No, not with my husband,
(although I do appreciate his new beard, mighty fine)
nor with Jesus (haven’t fallen out of love yet)
but with beauty.
Paisley silk tie. The intense color, the fun detail,
the voluptuous swoops.
Yes, I’ve finished another chair.
I’ve been drowning in silks for days.
See Nantucket?
I love this chair.

The Shaker simplicity.

The perfection of the weave, top and bottom,
(if I do say so myself).
Cleaned ties ready for the next project.
What will it be?
All I know is,
I’ll love it.

#468: Tie Tips and Tuffets

I have the best friends.
I’m always needing neckties for my chairs
and they’re always providing them:
These were handed to me at church.

Gasoline pump tie.
There is nothing so obscure that it hasn’t been put on a tie.
The straps are perfect for weaving,
But what to do with all the tips?
How about this:
Tuffet top,
this used up about two hundred tips.

I’m still figuring out how to do the sides
and whether or not to put the feet back on.
If it has feet, it’s not a tuffet but an ottoman.
And tie tip tuffet has such a delicious alliteration.

#437: Grey Lady counter stool

No it’s not actually counter height.
This stool’s purpose is to counter
the greyness of off-season.
No sharks to weigh,
no yachts in the harbor.
Kids are off at college
 and the house is too quiet.
So, I choose brighter neckties to weave:
One with little Nantuckets on it.

Others with flowers,
to make up for those no longer blooming…
Then crossweave with dark ties
to make the colors pop:
The weave pattern on this side makes diagonal stripes.

Flip the top over and you get vertical stripes.

I am a glutton for color in the off-season.
This little footstool is now at 
Nantucket Looms on Main Street.
I’m hoping it will sell to someone 
who also needs to counter
the grey.

#404: Baby Bear’s Chair

Creativity is a group effort.
First, there was the silkworm.
Then the fabric designer.
Then the woman at the loom.

Then the necktie maker, handstitching on the bias.
Then the businessman’s kids,
selecting just the right one for Father’s Day.
Then the businessman’s wife,
sneaking his old clothes out of the house,
because he never gets rid of anything.

Then the Take-it-or-Leave-it pile at the dump,
where my spy spots it and saves it out for me.
Then I weave it into one of my chairs.
See the little whale?
There’s always a bit of Nantucket in the weave.
I don’t know who made the chair frame.
I bought it at the Consignment Shop then replaced
the worn-out Shaker tape.

The creative effort of many silkworms, 
dozens of folk, one tree,
and Jesus, through whom all things were created.
  What a joy to be part of the process.

#352: Indulgence

Sigh. The hard part of cleaning the basement
isn’t the hauling, it’s the decision making.
A dozen or so chairs needing work.
These ones seem to be dancing, or mocking me,
can’t decide which.
These, in my daughter’s room, are repaired,
refinished, and ready to tie.
My eldest daughter wove the seat of the gray one.
Given the abundance of chairs already,
my latest find at the Take-it-or-Leave-it
can only be termed an indulgence:
Isn’t she a beauty? See how the arms turn out?
And the back curves, too:
This is one comfortable rocker.
Only the seat needs replacing,
maybe with neckties woven tight.
Which is what I love to do.
Good thing I have a tremendously indulgent husband…

#253: Possibilities

Here’s a huge basket of possibility:

Neckties. I have hundreds of them.
Aren’t they gorgeous?
And if these don’t inspire me there’s always:
Hmmm. Weave a seat?
Or a chair back?
Or sew up some headbands, or flower pins from the tips,
or iPhone cases from the fat ends.
So many possibilities, so little time.
Winters on-island can be long and grey,
perfect for projects…