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586: 30 Days of Thanks: Days 28, 29 and 30!

 Day 28: Thanksgiving itself.
How cool to have a holiday where the whole nation gives thanks.
Our turkey, traded for some lobsters with a local farmer,
weighed 44 pounds.
Which means all the side dishes had to be cooked the day before,
then reheated after the turkey was done.
There was barely room to broil the bacon-wrapped scallops.

Our table, with actual matching dishes.
I don’t know why this pleases me so much but it does.

Friends and family,
for whom I am thankful every day.
Fantastic feastings with enough left over
to have company again and again.
Day 29: Whimsical original paint on the interior walls
at Summer Street Church.
I like to think whoever painted this was thrilled to serve
God with their art.
It’s being appreciated again after a hundred years.
Day 30: Hedgehog mushrooms.
We bought these at Moors End Farm,
they have a mushroom guy who grows lots of different kinds.
I call these Tribble ‘Shrooms,
they look just like tribbles and make me happy.
Thirty days of thanks is just the beginning:
bright shining as the sun,
we’ve no less days, 
to sing God’s praise,
than when we’ve first begun.

585: 30 Days of Thanks: Days 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

6 days, one post…
day 22:  hedgehogs,
what’s not to love?

Day 23:  Zoklings,
Excellent finger strengtheners
(it’s a thing guitar players need)
and de-stressers.
I love that Wendi saw socks and thought
‘mom and kid aliens’

and that Emily saw heart-shaped rocks and thought
‘Christmas tree’.  Day 24.

Day 25: The Take-it-or-Leave-it.
Tristan, who works there.
He and my brother are holding a stuffed swordfish.
Awesomeness abounds at the Take-it-or-Leave-it.

Day 26: David’s sense of humor,
how many guys on getting a lobster hat…

Would wear it and do the lobster dance?
Sorry I didn’t take a video.

Day 27: Elf ears.
No more needs to be said.

#584: 30 Days of Thanks, Day 21

Today I’m thankful for creativity.
Each person, no matter if they acknowledge it,
is gifted with the creative spark breathed
into us by God himself.

Here’s evidence of mine:

A wreath for the Nantucket Historic Association
Festival of Wreaths which starts on Tuesday.
There will be dozens of sparks of creative expression.
I’ll post some next week.
Mine’s made of a record from the Take-it-or-Leave-it
and guitar picks punched from used gift cards.
You can get them from this guy on Etsy.
There’s something redemptive in recycling trash
to make beauty–and music.
The picks are attached with glue dots
so they can be re-used,

#583: 30 Days of Thanks: Day 20

Today I am thankful I can’t shop here:
Is it weird to be thankful for what you don’t have?
When my kids were little, we shopped for fall clothes
at Joyce’s aka The Consignment Shop,
out by Valero’s on Old South Road.
There is now a proposal to allow a 45,000 sq. ft. building
(the largest so far has been less than half that)
in the area.
I’m thankful I live in a town where I can fight this.

And where I can go visit my Thanksgiving dinner.
This is how I like to shop.
The privilege for which I am so very thankful.

#582: 30 Days of Thanks: Days 17, 18 and 19

More Nantucket fall beauty:
Day 17: Rosehips, winterberry and Bartlett’s windmill.
Food for the birds this winter,
and non-polluting energy from the wind.

Day 18: Huge golden apples in an abandoned orchard.
There aren’t many but the trees continue to bear.

Who planted these apple trees, and when?
Nantucket has so many apple trees,
and just as many locals who harvest them:
for juice, for cobblers and for hard cider.
Islanders don’t like to see anything go to waste.

Day 19: Greenhouse lettuce.
Even tho’ our outside garden bears only kale and sugar beets
this time of year,
we still have fresh greens.
What a blessing David and Tobias’ building project has been!
I am ever thankful.

#581: 30 Days of Thanks: Day 11,12,13,14,15 and 16

So much to be thankful for,
even in a rough week.
Lobelia blooming in the window.
It may be cold and wet out but
the sun still shines in.
Both the lobelia and I are grateful.

Can you guess what Becky’s doing?
She’s inside the organ, blowing a pipe
before removing it.
Do you need an organ pipe?
I have lots.
And I’m so thankful.

Trompe l’oeil behind the organ.
Hidden for a hundred years,
secret beauty by an unknown artist.
Gate behind Bartlett’s Farm,
isn’t it sweet?
I’m thankful for its 3 hearts,
lovingly guarding the winterberry.

Hat pin or bog button.
Usually can’t get this close as it’s too swampy.
Whimsical flora.

OK, one more for tomorrow.
Daniel’s 18th birthday cake.
Never let it be said the Gliddens aren’t thankful 
for birthday cake.       

#580: 30 Days of Thanks #7,8,9,10

I am ever thankful but not always
at my computer.
These past few days I’ve been thankful for:
2.5 inches long, found in soil as we were potting 
up the tender perennials.

Same tender perennials, in this case, 
dahlias, salvia, and prairie-sun rudbeckia.
A last bit of garden sunshine before the winter sets in.

Also a last frog!
We found this peeper clinging to the bottom of a bag.
We needed the bag so we transferred him
 to the leaf litter out front.
We’ll be hearing from him in the spring.
( I know this is off topic, but did you ever think what it must
be like to be a tadpole, swimming around, then to grow arms and legs
and go out on land and whoa! A whole new world.
I think that’s what it’s going to be like to go home to Jesus,
suddenly, sunshine.)

Ring-necked Pheasant. The first I’ve seen in years.
Brought to the island by hunters years and years ago,
and they’re still here.
As am I.
So thankful to live close to nature.

#579: 30 Days of Thanks: Day 6

Today I am thankful for chickens.
They eat leftovers and turn them into eggs.
How cool is that?

Of course, you have to find the eggs first.
This bantam made her summer nest
in the garden storage shelves.

And we didn’t find her for 10 days!
Enough eggs to make omelets for supper.
For which I am ever so thankful.

#578: 30 Days of Thanks: Day 5

My mom.
Doing dishes.
She can’t stand for there to be even one dish in the sink.
I am quite a trial to her.
She loves to help out in the kitchen.
Her idea of a vacation on Nantucket is to
do housework all morning then go to lunch
with friends then chat with her grandkids
while they prepare the evening feast.
So, when she visits, I get the vacation.
Thanks, mom.

My daughter Rosemary painted this for her.
Here’s my mom in a nutshell:
One day, it was pouring out,
buckets of water from the sky.
A neighbor called our house to tell mom
her 6 kids were out in the rain.
Her reply:
“I know, I’m getting my bathing suit on.”
I am thankful I got the fun mom.

#577: 30 Days of Thanks: Day 4

Special Town Meeting
Today I am thankful I live in a society
where ordinary citizens can choose.
318 citizens, in this case.
First, we say the “Pledge of Allegiance”

Our indomitable Town Clerk,
 with her library and desktop at the ready.
Note the copy of 
 ‘Charter and Code of the Town of Nantucket’
I need that book.
Our Board of Selectmen.
Tobias Glidden was applauded when he spoke on Article 13
asking to have  power taken away from the Board.
The moderator asked the meeting to not be so demonstrative.

Obligatory knitting.
Some speakers are, um, dull, or incomprehensible,
but they come and I’m thankful for that.
The vote on Article 13 was so close we took a hand count.
There’s the moderator, kneeling down to receive the count.
It was defeated 132 to 115.
Even though I voted opposite of my son’s girlfriend,
who was sitting right next to me,
we’re still friends.
Another thing for which I am thankful.