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#447: 30 Days of Thanks

Thanks, Amber for the invitation.
The next 30 days will be daily posts
of thankfulness.
Click on the button
 if you’d like to join.
Living day to day it’s so easy to get tangled up
in messy details of life.
I call it stress but I think it’s really
a lack of, um, perspective.
So, I get up at 5 am and what do I see?
All last night’s dishes waiting to be washed.
Oh, give thanks to the Lord,
for He is good,
HIs mercy endures forever.
I am thankful for my husband,
who worked until after 8 buying scallops,
for my daughter,
who cooked the fish and potatoes
(from our garden),
and made cream cheese brownies with coconut
and a graham cracker crust for dessert,
(I made the salad).
I am thankful for my family, our fellowship,
and the food we enjoyed together.
And now that I’m thinking thankfully,
I’m going to wash those dishes,
thinking of another blessing with each one.

#303: Graham Cracker Houses

So, I’m not a fan of gingerbread.
I love making little graham cracker houses with kids.
Especially the decorating with candy part.
Here’s the basic construction,
I use Joy of Cooking’s Royal Icing,
building the houses the day before on Chinet plates.

The candy, LOTS of candy,
gets set out in individual bowls.
Frosting bowls get tongue depressors
(from the drugstore) for spreaders.

Did I say lots of candy?
Some kids open the roof of their house and fill it right up.
The objective here is to have over-the-top,
 eye popping abundance.
Christmas is all about undeserved generosity.
God Himself, giving up His glory for creatures
who ignore and reject Him.
Who DOES that???

The table is soon a sticky disaster.
A whole town’s worth of houses.
 Each as sweet and unique as the
kids who made them.
Minimarshmallow smoke rises
from a Reeses Peanut Buttercup chimney.

#302: DIY Mittens and Hats

One of the best Take it or Leave it finds
is a shrunken sweater.
They make excellent hats and mittens.
The hat, made by his sister, is from the body of the sweater.
It has two pockets and folds over for extra warmth.
Or unfolds for a Rasta look,
 which fits under your bike helmet.
I don’t know what he keeps in the pockets.
The gloves are sleeves, reversed, folded over,
 given a few stitches to make a thumb slot.

They can be rolled down for warmth or slid up
for free hands.
Or knelt on when the ground is cold.
Or when you can’t help but sink to your knees 
in thankfulness and praise to God 
for His bounty:
from the dump as well as from the earth.

#299: Nantucket Scrabble Queen

It’s not me.

#283: Thanksgiving, still

Here’s my kitchen:
Yes, I am thankful! 
Plenty of dishes because we feasted.
Our garden’s harvest plus a locally grown turkey.
All my kids, sorry, young adults, home,
even my grandson.
No dishwasher means we can share the work.
And if I get up early enough,
I can sneak away to the winter beach,
and watch this little guy chase seagulls.
‘Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.
His mercy endures forever.’

#281: Photogenic Breakfast

My usual breakfast is oatmeal.
Oatmeal does not fit in with my 
‘appreciation of God’s beauty’ theme.
The actual grain is lovely but not the breakfast goo.
Here’s my photogenic morning:
Gather eggs from under this russett hen.
Her nesting box used to be a speaker cabinet.
Wash and display eggs.
Beauty is food for the soul.
Use eggs to make waffles with the waffler,
being careful not to overfill lest the stove require cleaning.
There’s no beauty in a sticky stove.

#276: Hanging spoons from your face…

It might just be us, but hanging spoons
from our faces is a definite Nantucket winter activity
in this house.
First, get the spoon damp.

Apply a slight downward pressure.

Too much!

Oh yeah, then make a funny face.

#244: Family Scallop Season

Opening day!
David went out to his secret spot and dove for bay scallops.
He got a whole milk crate’s worth:
Blue-eyed beauties:
Sun setting  over our bountiful harbor:
For which we are so thankful.

#232: Nantucket County Fair

Yay! It’s the Fair!
Nantucket County Fair is the first time we get to see
all the locals together again after the summer.
This is just setting up:
 Four guys, ready to transfer pumpkins 
 Heave, ho!
And there she is, a beauty.
 Our entries in the Vegetable category.
And poultry.
I’ll show you all our ribbons tomorrow.
First worship, then off to the fair!

#216: Betty Crocker Betrayal

My best buddy, Betty Crocker,
has fallen. 
The Promise:
Ultimate Fudge. Hershey’s. Chocolate pouring over chips.
Are you hungry yet?
Plus, you can help your kids!
Ten cents a box top. Win/win!
But wait, there’s a catch:
What?!! Do not eat raw brownie batter?
 Doesn’t Betty Crocker love me anymore???
My MOM let me eat raw batter,
I let MY kids eat raw batter.
My poor grandkids will be deprived of one
of my favorite childhood memories if I don’t take a stand.
So, in the interest of batter lovers everywhere,
a recipe:
Can’t read it? I’ve got it memorized:
Melt 2 sticks butter,
mix in 1/2 c cocoa, 1 c sugar,
2 eggs from healthy hens.
Add 2/3 c flour, 2 and 1/2 c rolled oats,
1 t vanilla.
Bake at 350 for 15 min in a 8×8 pan–
the center will finish cooking as they cool.
you can just eat it raw.