#491: Snowy Doorways

Everything is so much lovelier when capped with snow.
Temporarily obsessed with Nantucket doorways:
A properly humble entry.
Steps come up from the side.
No devout Quaker would have
their steps leading straight in.


 And welcoming.

Love these colors,

And these.
You can tell the houses with negligent
caretakers as the wreaths stay up 
way past Christmas.

Hospital Thrift Shop
The sign says ‘We love our volunteers’

No sailing today.

A noble door,
the gateway to knowledge.

Shoveled walk. The only one on Broad Street.
 Stubbys stays open all winter.

As do the churches, only we meet downstairs
where it’s more cozy.
No need to shovel here, the snow will all have melted
by Sunday.

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