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#621: Outrage Update

In case you missed the parking ticket post,
here it is.
On Nantucket there is a way to contest a ticket.
Every Wednesday from 2-3 at 2 Fairgrounds Rd.
Mr. Gardner will listen to your side and look at your pictures.
When I showed him where I was parked, he forgave the ticket.
It really does look like a heavily used spot.

I asked for permission to mark the spot so others
wouldn’t get ticketed and he thought that was a good idea.
See, that’s what I love about Nantucket,
if there’s a problem, you can try to solve it. 
No point in protesting an unfair ticket if I’m not 
prepared to do something about it.
Sadly, when I got there, I found yet another ticketed car.
I wrote a note and asked them to put my rock signs
 in place when they left.
They either say no parking or no puking.
Either activity is frowned on in this location.
This space is no longer generating multiple $50 tickets.
Mischief managed

#620: Livid

To my readers:
Beware: this post is not my normal style.
I’ve loved Jesus for decades, and knowing
I’m the beloved of my King gives me a sunny disposition.
Until this:
The back story, in list form
(I make lists when I’m furious, I don’t know why)
1. I gave up my car over a year ago. We used the money we saved on a trip to Costa Rica.
2. Our fish market has a table at the Farmer’s Market every Saturday, 9-1. I’m the unpaid staff.
Cute, but unpaid.
3. Usually, David drops me off and sends an employee to pick me up. There’s a lot to unload.
4. This week David was in the Triathlon–he finished in 1:33. Therefore, he couldn’t drop me off.
5. So, I borrowed a friend’s car, loaded it up, dropped off the fish, table, umbrella etc. at the market.
6. I parked my friend’s car in the town ‘Visitor’s Parking’ lot. Like this:
7. I did think it wasn’t an entirely kosher spot because of the boards to the side but, obviously,
          lots of people have parked here before.
8. It’s a bit of a walk back to the Farmer’s Market but at least I wouldn’t have to leave
my table to move my car to avoid a ticket, it was safe in the town lot.
9. After 4 hours I walked back to the lot to pick up my car so I could break down my booth.
10. Only to find this:

When I asked the officer why a ticket,
she said I was parked on a ‘greenspace’.
And ‘people always park there and they always get a ticket.’
These cars weren’t on the ‘greenspace’ but they got tickets too.
When I got back from breaking down my booth there was, indeed,
another car in the ‘greenspace’.

So, what was originally a wry acceptance of my own folly
has now morphed into fury at a police department
that makes up arbitrary violations in order to scam our visitors.
There are no marked spaces in the ‘Visitors Parking’.
Ticketing should not happen unless traffic is being blocked.
That’s why I’m livid.
Bad parking is irritating.
Bad policing is unconscionable. 

#382: Off-season parking

Ahh it’s a lovely thing to park the car 
off-island in the winter:
Plenty of space.
Nice low rates.

Hilltop is our favorite. 
Right across from the Steamship.
They let us park the car in front
so we can get out easily, night or day.