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#578: 30 Days of Thanks: Day 5

My mom.
Doing dishes.
She can’t stand for there to be even one dish in the sink.
I am quite a trial to her.
She loves to help out in the kitchen.
Her idea of a vacation on Nantucket is to
do housework all morning then go to lunch
with friends then chat with her grandkids
while they prepare the evening feast.
So, when she visits, I get the vacation.
Thanks, mom.

My daughter Rosemary painted this for her.
Here’s my mom in a nutshell:
One day, it was pouring out,
buckets of water from the sky.
A neighbor called our house to tell mom
her 6 kids were out in the rain.
Her reply:
“I know, I’m getting my bathing suit on.”
I am thankful I got the fun mom.

#560: Moonrise over Monomoy

The population of Nantucket increases fivefold every summer.
Yet it’s still possible to enjoy the isolated beauty
of the island.
Just go to the beach–at night.
Sunset over town

Beside the Town Clock

And gone, now turn around:

Moomrise over Monomoy

Silent, shining gold

Partying on in town…
The sound carries across the water,
but not the crowds.

#558: Carefree Cobbletones

Summer slows down.
We realize we haven’t been to town to hear
the Cobbletones yet so off we go.
So glad we did,
a sweet time of forgetting our cares
and enjoying the harmonies:
A septet of summer harmonizers

The ever-present bevy of young female admirers,
the sticker speckled tin is for contributions.

The Bop Song: Bop, pull and twist.
A kid from the audience does his best.
A manly nautical piece,
we have been, after all, a whaling town.
Our favorites: 
What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor?
A sweet summer evening of carefree song
before they all go back to school.

#555: Boston Pops

Last night was the Boston Pops concert
on Jetties beach.
Anyway you look at it
or horizontal,

it was crowded.
 6,000 general admission tickets
were available. Looks like they sold them all.
Many people came early to set up their picnics.
We came two minutes before it started as David was working.
Our picnic involved BLTs, cucumber spears
 and lemon blueberry cupcakes.
And proper attire:
fedora and sweater tied around the shoulders for him,
hot pink pedal pushers with a lime green top for me.
We brought our 15 year old and her friend,
they did not hang out with us.

The Pops were fantastic as always.
We set up our blanket as close to a loudspeaker as we could.
As you can see, there was dancing.
Matthew Morrison was the featured singer.
Our 15 year old and her friend got as close to the stage
as they could (not very) to see him.
They are huge fans of ‘Glee’.
Dancing to ‘Dancing Queen‘ by ABBA
How could you not?
As the sun sets, the crowd anticipates the ‘1812 Overture
which tells the story of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia.
The music is that much more stirring when you know
 the musical structure ahead of time.
Fireworks replace cannons in the Pops version.

The last song was ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’
with lots of fireworks afterward.
I caught this Jedi lightsaber fight instead.

#549: The Nantucket Folk Art and Artisan Show

I’m in it! Woohoo!
I’ve never applied before as even the smallest booth costs $500.
But this year my friend Marcia Strickland
is sharing her booth with me.

 Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear chairs are ready for 

Baby Bear’s chair has a silk tie pouch 
for a Beatrix Potter story.

I made 3 more of these stools,
which explains why I haven’t blogged for a week…

And another toddler rocker, in red,
for Marcia’s handmade Butterscotch Bear.
By handmade I mean no machine sewing,
all by hand.
She amazes me.

 Here’s the booth.
I’m thinking a few silk neckties would spice it up,
have to talk to Marcia …

Hopefully, these, plus Marcia’s Nantucket photos, 
will all be gone by Monday.
I’ll let you know.