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#559: Sermon Haiku #42: Acts 2-3

Gale-force winds, fiery tongues

Spirit’s promised arrival

Heart language gospel

Peter’s 2nd chance

Post-resurrection sermon
No longer afraid

Death can’t hold Jesus
His promise for all He calls:
Broken chains, new life

Court of the Gentiles 

Pass through the Beautiful Gate
Not for the broken

Beggar, lame from birth
Outside the gate, seeking alms
God has a surprise

Peter speaks to him
In the name of Jesus, walk
Lifts him to his feet

Dancing through the gate
Praising God with his whole self
Astonishing all

Faith in Jesus’ name
The days have finally come
Lame men leap with joy

#555: Boston Pops

Last night was the Boston Pops concert
on Jetties beach.
Anyway you look at it
or horizontal,

it was crowded.
 6,000 general admission tickets
were available. Looks like they sold them all.
Many people came early to set up their picnics.
We came two minutes before it started as David was working.
Our picnic involved BLTs, cucumber spears
 and lemon blueberry cupcakes.
And proper attire:
fedora and sweater tied around the shoulders for him,
hot pink pedal pushers with a lime green top for me.
We brought our 15 year old and her friend,
they did not hang out with us.

The Pops were fantastic as always.
We set up our blanket as close to a loudspeaker as we could.
As you can see, there was dancing.
Matthew Morrison was the featured singer.
Our 15 year old and her friend got as close to the stage
as they could (not very) to see him.
They are huge fans of ‘Glee’.
Dancing to ‘Dancing Queen‘ by ABBA
How could you not?
As the sun sets, the crowd anticipates the ‘1812 Overture
which tells the story of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia.
The music is that much more stirring when you know
 the musical structure ahead of time.
Fireworks replace cannons in the Pops version.

The last song was ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’
with lots of fireworks afterward.
I caught this Jedi lightsaber fight instead.

#540: Nantucket Fog

Last night’s sky looked like this:
A waxing gibbous moon
 peaking through cotton candy clouds.

This morning, thrown a curve ball, we were fogged in.

No children at the Jetties playground.

Rosa Rugosa in bloom, smells so sweet.
I can’t give you scent on my blog
but I did try for sound:
sparrows, waves, foghorn…
sadly, my computer’s mike isn’t strong enough.

Lone bicycle.

A bit of a wind.

Empty playground, 
waiting for the tourists.

Seagulls wait too.

#466: Kiteboarders

30 days of thanks: Day 29
There are kiteboarders at Jetties Beach.

They are thrilling to watch.
So athletic, so free.
So not something I’d ever be interested in doing.

So kind to my grandson, in the way.
I am thankful for folk who share their gifts with children.

#297: Jetties Beach Unpeopled

Here’s the beach in December:
The stones are still warm but no children perch there,
awaiting rides.

The gulls remain. What do they eat when there
are no sandwiches to steal?
Scallops. We harvest the muscle but the gulls
get the rest.

Nantucket takes care of her own.
I wish I could convey the sounds and powerful smell
of this tremendous pile.
Not to worry, it will all be gone by summer.
And the gulls will return to their thieving ways.

#183: Bird Sanctuary, People Sanctuary

Across from Bathing Beach Road there’s a tiny path:
Which leads to the Nantucket Conservation Association’s
 Bird Sanctuary
This was a favorite spot when our kids were little for
picnics and pollywog hunts.
Do you see any?
I went here yesterday just for the solitude:
Come, sit and rest a bit.
Look closely. See God at work.
And play.

April Beach

The days are now warm enough to go to the beach but not to swim. Well, my kids find a wetsuit and swim anyway but I was with a little one. Jetties East is the beach of choice for the under-5 set. When I taught Lamaze classes I used to get together there with new moms and their kids. We met under a big umbrella and called it “Beach Babies”.

The driftwood-for-climbing at the playground.
Waiting for kids
Eating organically until the return of potato chips
Plenty of material for castle building
First Castle of the Summer