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#626: I’m baaaaaack! Picking tomatoes

First, my laptop fell.
The computer folk said the hard-drive was brokenĀ 
and all my photos had been lost.
Unless, of course, I sent it to a data recovery company
and paid hundreds to get them back.
Soooo, I went to YouTube,
looked up Data Recovery,
and found out how to do it myself. Hehheh.
I had to buy a $30 USB SATA/IDE adapter
but it was a lot cheaper than the alternative.
Then, my camera went wonky.

All the pictures looked like this.
Thank you, Camera Shop,
for a terrific point-and-click Olympus
which lasted seven years and took over
4000 pictures.
May I have a new one, please?
Sadly, they didn’t have an Olympus in stock,
so I bought a Fujifilm T550.
Basic point-and-shoot but not waterproof.
No more underwater shoots for me.
New camera, new hard-drive,
dozens of stories I didn’t get to tell.
But now I can:
Pick-your-own-tomatoes at Bartlett’s Farm. Woo-hoo!

Farmer Justine

Tomato Turtles. All you can see is the backs.

Tobias picked over 100 lbs. for his household.
We picked 60 lbs. for ours,
enough to get us through the winter.
Happy pickers, heading back–
Behind a classic tractor.

Now the real work begins.

#429: Making tomato sauce or soup

First, slice the tops off all the romas.
This works best at a meeting or while watching tv.
A five gallon bucket takes a half hour.
Drop a dozen at a time into almost boiling water for 
one minute. See the cracked skin?
That’s how you know they’re ready to squoosh.

Squoosh into bowl. Just like milking a cow.
What? You don’t know how to milk a cow?
I don’t either, I think it’s just like squooshing out tomatoes.
Now crush the tomatoes with your hands.
This is best done by a four-year-old kid,
borrow one if you have to.

Drain, the drained liquid makes a great base for veggie juice.
The drained tomatoes can be frozen or…

If you’re going all the way to soup, 
run through a food mill.
Add caramelized onions and blend in Vitamix.

 A heart of pecorino romano and it’s ready.