#617: Rantum scoot: Not so crowded after all

As the edges of Nantucket fill with visitors
and year-rounders seeking beaches and shopping, 
the center remains quiet.
Not exactly uncrowded: there are hundreds of water lilies
on the pout ponds.

Crowding out the sky’s reflection.

Edged by water hyacinth.
Just starting into bloom.

Serenity by the water,
no wave action here.

Bushy rock roses in the center of the dirt road.
Tiny pond, teeming with life.
Just not the human variety.
Sheep laurel. Not because they like it,
but because it’s poisonous to them.
Shepherds cleared the Sheep Commons of this and other
poisonous plants before letting their flocks graze.
Iridescent green beetle. Isn’t it marvelous?

Another hidden pond.
We could do this all day…

A glimpse of the Silver Sea in C.S.Lewis’ Voyage of the Dawn Treader:
“There seemed no end to the lilies.
Day after day from all those miles and leagues of flowers
there rose a smell which Lucy found it very hard to describe;
sweet–yes, but not at all sleepy or overpowering,

 a fresh, wild, lonely smell that seemed to get into your brain
and make you feel that you could go up mountains at a run
or wrestle with an elephant.”

Cultivating the garden is today’s elephant,
and now I’m ready…

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