613: Nantucket Restaurant Week

Oh the difficulty of choice.
It’s Restaurant Week June 2-6,
and we like several different restaurants.
Black-eyed Susans of course,
American Seasons, the Chanticleer,
Centre Street Bistro, Queequegs.
Island Kitchen and Kitty Murtagh’s for a leisurely lunch.
This island has so many excellent places to eat.
We’ll try 29 Fair, a new place which just
opened in the old Woodbox space where 
my parents used to take us for brunch on Sundays.
They still have the teeniest bathroom
and incredibly steep stairs.
Haven’t you always wondered what’s up there?
Here it is:
A huge bathroom with bookcase and dressing table

A sitting room

A couple of bedrooms, 
this one has a fireplace.
This one a step-down nook.
The rooms are for rent here.
In 1709, when 29 Fair was built,
folk were a lot shorter.

Executive chef, Charles Saillou,
previously of the Summer House,
talks to my fishmonger husband.

Nemesh, the chef on the left,
started as a dishwasher when he first came from Nepal.
Nantucket has so many folk who started at the humblest job
and worked their way to excellence.
I think I’ll have the Asparagus Salad
(poached rhubarb, pine nut paste, local greens,
proscuitto, truffle vinaigrette)
and Scottish Salmon
(spring vegetables, saffron beurre blanc, pea shoots).
Caramel Brulee for dessert,
(custard flavored with coconut cassonade sugar, caramel caviar).
I never could resist a brulee.

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