#606: Climbing trees

Our yard used to be covered with trees.
Mostly Scotch pine and scrub oak.
So, of course, all my kids were tree climbers.
And, because they were home-schooled,
they had plenty of time to play outdoors.
I realize that last sentence makes it sound like
we didn’t do any academic work but the reality of 
homeschooling for us was that we could
get all the academic work (Calvert School) done by noon:
if we started by 7:30 and worked hard.
The carrot of working on their tree fort
was an great incentive for my kids.
All of which leads to this:
Becky, still climbing trees, now with ropes,
in Costa Rica.
My youngest, learning to use the ascender.
Dusty, of Upventures, adjusts her harness.
And up she goes!
Dusty’s partner, Jorge, is on her left,
Becky’s above.
In the hammock. See how small the car is?
Two of the kids slept in the tree.
Howler monkeys woke them in the morning.
This little guy is an orphan.
The sanctuary folk are hoping a troop will adopt him.
Limb walking.
Perhaps I should have taught them kickball

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