#602: Costa Rica has a lot to teach us

First of all, no standing Army.
Or Navy, or Air Force.
Costa Rica abolished its military in1948.
The military budget was transferred to health, education,
and environmental protection.
Mint Hedge in Monteverde, cell tower to the right.
Nantucketers who vacation in Costa Rica can get their teeth cleaned
for $40, dental work is 1/3 the US cost.
Medical care too. Fortunately, I didn’t need any while I was there.
Even tho’ I found this little guy in my bag at the airport.
93% of their energy is sustainably sourced.
Mostly hydroelectric but also wind, solar,  
and geothermal–they have 4 active volcanoes,
This one is Arenal, a popular tourist destination.
No lava, but plenty of hot springs. 
Everyone recycles, there is no trash on the roadsides.
Shall I repeat that? There is no trash on the roadsides.
The recycling cans at Monteverde Butterfly Gardens.
The current manager of the Gardens, a Canadian transplant,
 teaches ecology,  entymology,
and medicinal herbology to local school kids.
She’s hoping to buy some microscopes so she can teach
microbiology too.
The more folk understand the natural world around them,
the better they take care of it.
Costa Ricans are highly conscious of their environment.
They even have wildlife on their money.
This bill, worth about $20US, features my favorite,
the three-toed sloth.
What’s not to love in a country
with sloths on their money?

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