#601: The other thing Nantucketers do in the winter

We go away.
Sorry, I know I usually write about
Nantucket’s winter beauty,
but this year, even as lovely as it was
We left.
Taking a vacation from Nantucket is nearly
as complicated as taking one to Nantucket.
Step one: cab to ferry. Use Hy-line ticket book for $27.50 tickets.
Step two: overnight at Anchor In in Hyannis.
A great hotel with Islander rates.
The in-room iron and board came in handy
as we walked from the Hy-line and I got soaked.
Ironing my socks dry before dinner
Ate at the British Beer Company on Main Street,
a short, not-quite-as-rainy-but-still-icy walk away.
Walked back to the Inn and watched Winter Olympics.
Next morning early, bus to Logan.
Had to run for it as we lingered over the continental breakfast.
12:46 pm, flight to Houston,
5:45 pm flight to Liberia, Costa Rica arrives 9:17 pm
Thank you, United Airlines, loved the sunset.

And here we are, 29 hours later,
Hilton Garden Inn, Costa Rica!

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