#599: Grey Lady winter

A trip from the Hy-line dock
back towards home:
The artist’s studio’s red doors, closed for the winter.
Scallop boats wait for the temperature to rise.
Anything under 28 degrees and they can’t go out.
There have been quite a few of those days this winter.

Main Street.
In the winter, the buildings are the most colorful part!

Snow frosts the Max Wagner Fountain,
decorated by the Garden Club, even in winter.

Architecture shines in the off-season.
Nice to see Main Street so busy.
I stopped in to Nantucket Pharmacy
to buy some Russell Stover Pectin Jelly Beans.
They’re my reward for finishing my taxes.
Aren’t you glad taxes are due in the off-season?

The signs point to Siasconset bike path,
Polpis-Wauwinet and Surfside bike path.
Not a lot of bicyclists this time of year.
But the ones we have are in excellent shape.

New shingles on Orange Street,
as soon as the summer folk leave,
the carpenters swoop in.
We’ve just got a roof replaced by Russell Simpson, Inc.
Beautiful job, and no more water running 
down the stairwell in a storm.

Ghostly trees, reaching for an invisible sun.

Which is on my work table.
My friend, Nancy, sent me a box of ties to do a stool.
Thanks, Nancy!
No reason to shirk color inside,
it makes up for the greyness outside.
I’ll show you the stool when I’m done.

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