#591: Blizzard!

Nantucket woke up to this:
The cat isn’t even standing here,
wanting to go out. He sees it’s futile.

The summer patio, where we grill out.

A very Christmassy back door.
The snow makes the garlands so pretty.

The clam rake. Don’t think we’ll be clamming today.
Ditto on jumping on the trampoline.

Or sailing Water Bear,
Tobias has her under wraps.

Toward Rugged Road
The front garden gate,
I don’t think even rabbits will be out today.
Tho’ I’ll have to risk it,
the chickens in this shed need
boiling water poured on their water supply.
Thirsty chickens don’t lay eggs.
Unused vehicles: bike and car,
from an upstairs window.
Time to go to the basement and get down 
the cross-country skis and Flexible Flyer.
Because we Have to Go Out,
they’ve closed off Main Street till 2pm
for sledding…

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