#590: Nantucket Christmas

First, the Christmas Stroll.
I have no pictures of the Christmas Stroll,
I never go.
I do have a friend who hunts tho’,
he can’t resist driving up Main Street
with a deer carcass in the back of his pickup.
A mild protest of a native who like the island quiet.
Then the craft shows:
I joined the Sip and Shop at Pumpkin Pond Farm

It was their first year, I sold a stool!

There were about 20 artisans.
I was next to Isobel and Cleo, Charlotte and Molly
shown here demonstrating ways to wear a cowl.
Santa John Luttman, at the Bean.
That’s his real beard.

The Christmas Pageant, this year at the Dreamland Theater.
The Dutras played the Holy Family.
The 8 years I taught childbirth classes, it was always my students
who supplied the Baby Jesus.
The Christmas Eve Red Ticket Drawing.
A Chamber of Commerce Tradition.
All about commerce. Ick.
Except that oftentimes the winners donate 
their winnings to charity. Yay.

The Nativity our kids made from Fimo clay.

In our house it’s Christmas Eve service,
Birthday cake for Jesus,
off to bed and don’t wake up till nine.
No more crack of dawn Christmas as our kids
are older. We miss it.
But we still worship the newborn king,
 God with us.
The hugest paradigm shift in history.
Our Baby Jesus smiles.

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