#587: Christmas Wreaths

Every year I get out our grapevine wreath
and tuck some greens into it.
All set.
Wreath makers for the NHA fundraiser are better
at expressing the Creator’s touch:
Wool sheep and a ram.

Robin Rowland’s toenail shell wreath.
It lights from within.

Lauri Robertson’s beach wreath.

You knew this was Jeanne van Etten’s,
didn’t you?

From the Second Shop,
recycling at its best.

My favorite.
I’m sorry I didn’t get the name of the sewist but wow.
This is gorgeous.
Click on this to see it bigger.
It’s made of sand dollars.
Not technically a wreath,
but there is one on the little door.

Ritch Leone’s wreath. Brilliant.

Another recycled masterpiece.
That’s co-axial cable around the edge.
And a working clock in the middle.

Recycled Dreamland tickets from the old days,
I can tell they’re old because of the price: $2.50 
Nicely done, Lady Catherine.
Who says roundness and greenery define
a wreath? 

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