#574: Squam Swamp Forest

Nantucket doesn’t get the big tour buses
of leaf peepers in the fall.
Probably because our prettiest leaves 
aren’t visible from the road.
You have to go for a walk in the woods.

Our 500 acre wood in Squam.

Look up! 
Tupelos or, as my friend Alison calls them,
Black Gum trees. 

I like tupelo better.
They clap their hands for joy.

There’s bright gold striping underfoot.

Further in

Swamp maples


and near,

and underwater.
Cinnamon fern,
 reflected in a tannin-laden stream.

The American Beeches are still green.
An excuse to come back again.

Another snake rustles in the leaves.
Lichens have their own beauty.

As does poison ivy,
climbing the side of a tupelo.

Wandering back across the bridge.

White oak turns gold, then brown,
The maples speckle red.
Each tree praises its Creator
in its own way.
We leaf peepers enjoy them all.

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