410: Summer’s End, again

I know, it’s October, right?
But it’s still in the 60s during the day!
Bumblebees still visit the sunflowers
and dahlias.
Garden spiders are still building webs,
covered in dew.
Fishermen are still casting from the beach,
who needs a car?
Just attach your tubes to your bike.
Snapping turtles still wander the bike path,
but no one’s dangling chicken legs for them
 at Second Bridge anymore.
We’re all done picking summer fruit,
beach plums in this picture.
The jam reminds us of hot summer days.

Zinnias will bloom till the frost.

Which is a good thing for our last monarch, a male.
Wishing him a smooth flight south.
We’ll see his great grandchild next summer.

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