#409: Away, away!

Travelling off-island is always
a big deal, 
even if you’re only going to the Cape
for a seminar.
I had to get there early so I flew.
David took me to Island Airlines.
As you can see, the place is deserted.
He had time to chat with the counterfolk.

The flag flies regardless.

But there’s really no one here.

No wait, John Kerry’s here,
there’s his plane.

Then, negotiating: Who gets to sit in the co-pilot seat?

The playing fields at Nobadeer.
They look a lot bigger on the ground.

The harbor toward town.
Notice the jetties, underwater.

The west end of Nantucket,
and Tuckernuck.
All these years I’ve lived on Nantucket and
never set foot on Tuckernuck.
Nor kayaked across the harbor to Coatue.
That’s on my to-do list.

There’s the Steamship,
ever faithful, ever too slow for 
an early meeting.
I’ll be sure to take her home, tho’,
she’s a lot cheaper than flying.

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