#567: More County Fair Fun

Did I say how much I love the County Fair?
Here’s why:
Our free Jeep for 3 days!
I won the rental from Nantucket Island Rent-a-Car at a
raffle at Fairgrounds House.
We took it out to Altar Rock for a picnic last night.

Fair food, delicious.
Peppers, onions and sausage or fried clams?
The red bracelets are new.
I don’t like them, they’re plastic.
Handstamps were cooler.

Prizes for honey.
this is a competitive class, there are a lot of beekeepers
on Nantucket.

Intense concentration on a

Extraordinary art by teenaged artists,
and their super happy customers.

Instruction in life’s complexities.
There are dozens of little ones everywhere.
Aflac, the duck, enjoying the music.

The band, 211 in Progress,
click on their name if you want to hear their sound.
They gave a shout out to our fish market during one of their songs,
the line was: happier than a cat in a fish store, Glidden’s!
Did I say how much I love our fair?

Banners snapping in the wind.

2nd prize, Skillet Toss on Sunday.
This is Tracy,
she threw that skillet 42’6″,
not to worry, the kid wasn’t standing there.
Let no one ever say Tracy is a woman
without talent.
Bringing the birds home,
one blue ribbon, one red, three white.
Nicely done, girls.
Our veggies didn’t win anything but
that’s ok, they’re still good to eat.
As David’s proving in the picture.

The ribbons ready for display.
The kitten apron 
ready for storage till next year.
It was a terrific Fair.

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