#566: County Fair Fun

It’s the Fair!
The worst of the crowds have gone,
time to re-group and re-connect with friends
and neighbors we’ve been too busy see all summer.
There was ring toss onto antlers

and building scarecrows. 
I’ll take pictures of the finished ones tomorrow.
I love the kid in the backwards cap making believe he’s elsewhere.

Finding courage, with spotters.

Would you let your child be face-painted
 by girls with arms like these?
I would.

Blue Ribbon Hen, or else.

Ring toss.
Parents were sometimes more anxious than the children.

Live musicians, joyful kid’s tunes.
You know, like Itsy-Bitsy spider.

Chocolate covered pretzels AND tractors,
can a fair get any better than this?

It can! Egg-on-a-spoon races.

Hay rides behind a tractor.

Photo ops on Ray Owen’s giant pumpkin.

And even martial arts demos,
with live music, and kids joining in.

But, best of all,
the Skillet Toss.
This proud gentleman is Michael, from Southie.
He tossed the skillet 54’3″ for 3rd place.
On his birthday.
Way to go, Michael.
If you want to beat his distance,
come tomorrow, 10-4 at the Tom Nevers’ Fairgrounds.
See ya there.

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