#547: Hope House Haiti

So what does a Nantucket blog have to do with Haiti?
Outside our fish market is a bookcase:
It’s filled with kid books, classics, mysteries,
all kinds of books for summer reading.
This sign asks for donations for Hope House 
in Fond Parisien, Haiti.
Take a book and leave whatever amount you can.
This is Yvrose Ismael and her husband, Pierre Richard.
They are the adoptive parents of the 30 children of Hope House.
Their first child came to them three years ago, just after the earthquake. 

The children now have a home,

a school,
along with 300 other students,
A well, electricity…

and a cow, for milk for the little ones.
The connection is this:
Yvrose worked on Nantucket summers
to earn money to pay the teachers in her school.
She was just back this summer for a short visit
to share with the Vacation Bible School kids 
about God’s faithfulness in all things.
The VBS kids then raised enough money to
get chickens for Yve’s kids in Haiti.
They’re hoping to buy a parcel of land 
next to theirs to build a farm.
And,  given the faithfulness of God,
I believe it will happen.

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