#523: Sconset Storms

Along the shore there are always changes.
Sconset’s Gully Road is a case in point:

there used to be houses on the right side of the road.

The swingset has been moved back.
Various methods to keep the sea at bay have been tried.

Still, the waves roll in, all the way from Spain.
Bringing all sorts of beachcomber fancy.

We can only watch, and wonder.

4 responses

  1. I love photos that demonstrate the power and the beauty of the sea. 🙂

  2. If that de-watering system was still used today, there would be no erosion.

  3. I was kidding. Maybe we should build a terracing system out of thousands of pieces of pressure treated lumber and use coir bags. That will stop the erosion.

  4. Yes, this year especially did such damage to homes on your island, and here on the mainland. so sad.

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