#522: Tobias won!

He won! He won!
Oh, I’m so proud of him.

The vote count:
Tobias Glidden 1,183
Matt Fee 1,080
Patty Roggeveen 1,033
Stephen Maury 729
Allen Reinhard 699
Carol Dunton 139
Joe Dooley 89
And Matt Fee was my other choice,
I’m dancing inside.
All that campaigning, sign painting, networking,
hand-shaking and talking, talking, talking to people
bore fruit.
Now the real work begins.
He says it feels like getting into the college of your dreams,
and having to start classes the next day.
You can do it, Toby.
And you’ll continue to have lots of help.

3 responses

  1. Not only did he win, he got more votes than anyone else! He certainly did the work to get the reward and vote of confidence from our community. Bravo Toby! Go and show them how it's done.kerry flynn

  2. We voted for him! Congratulations. I know he will do a great job. Looking forward to seeing where he goes from here.Sharon

  3. I thought Joe Dooley would win by a landslide. I wonder why he didn't. Hopefully next time he will win.

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