#518: A day in the life

OK, first off, it’s tricky to shoot
a day in my life as I’m the one with the camera.
But I thought you might like to see what goes on
off-season so here goes:
My daughter made banana bread, then happy faces for breakfast.
She is 21 and lives her life with flair.

Next, I load up the car for a dump run.
Twice a week I take the Consignment Shop leftovers
to the Take-it-or-Leave-It.
Folk are always glad to see me coming.
While I’m out and about, I put up some yard signs
for my son’s campaign.

When I get back, a friend arrived so we made buttons,

And had lunch, we grew the dried beans last summer.

The afternoon brings me a chair in need of repair before
I can reseat it with neckties.

Lots of repair, but it’ll be worth it,
I like the lines of this one.
When I’m done, it will be our computer chair.

Then a bit of wandering and picture-taking.
Monomoy, the harbor after a storm.

Tiny chick.
These are the prizes for my Sunday School kids
when they memorize a Bible verse.
I think I’ll go on a hike and hide some in the trees.

2 responses

  1. Nicely lived! I had a wonder on the beach myself yesterday. Showing your daughter's happy plate to my almost 21yr old. 🙂

  2. what a lovely collection showing such a great day!

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