#514: Lunch in town

Town is full of folk in the summer,
not so much in March,
especially after a storm:
This fish market, unlike Glidden’s, is closed all winter.

Cru is not open for business until May 8.
Who wants to eat oysters
surrounded by brown Christmas decorations, anyway?

My favorite bench for eating a sandwich
and watching the boats is behind yellow barriers.
The sidewalk will need to be rebuilt.
Lucky for hungry folk,
Stubbys is always open.
See the open door behind the sandbags?
Way to go, Stubbys.
Come on in.

One response

  1. What is taking the Town so long in repairing the Easy Street sidewalk???? It's a disgrace. You can bet it will be fixed just in time for the summer people. In the meantime, leave it in shambles for the Nantucketers!!

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