#500: A show! A show!

My necktie chairs are going to be in a show!
Can you tell I’m a little excited?
The show is in Peabody so David and I 
had to bring the chairs up there:
Wrapped ever so carefully under the tarp.
The gallery was easy to spot,
by its toasty trees.
The old post office building hosts Arcworks,
Oooh, more chairs.
In fact, the theme of the show is…chairs.
Baby Bear chair, with a pocket for a book.
Mama Bear chair,
armless so it’s easier to lay the baby in the cradle
after being rocked to sleep.

And the Papa bear chair.
Not ready to go for the show but now finished:

Wish I’d had it done.
The colors are washed out in this photo.
I’ll try to get a better one.
Super comfy.

This is Merritt Kirkpatrick, she’s curating the show.
There’s all my babies chairs, in an actual gallery.
So proud of them.

One response

  1. So proud of You!! Lovely!! We just love our stool 🙂

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