#494: Nantucket Seal Cruise

In January the sportfishing charter boats
are, um, idle.
So what to do with a January guest?
Seal Cruise.
Arranged with a scalloper/lobsterman/fisherman
on his lobsterboat.
Waiting at Walter Barrett’s Pier in Madaket

Heading out, dressed for the weather

Seals lounging

As far as the eye can see

Some on the beach, others in the water

Looks a lot like Nobadeer Beach in August

Shall I go in or not?

In the shallows

They cover the whole island.

Sir and Lady Something-something.
What would you name them?

Not too close

Tho’ this horse-head seal came in for a look

Lounging at the beach house.
If you’d like to know more about the seals,
go here.

2 responses

  1. A lovely time…I have never seen the seals when I've bee on Island…still missing the little gust cottages we stayed at on range st called The Stumble Inn way back in 1998

  2. Did you see any seals lounging on Crocker's house on Musk?

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