#477: Eco-wrapping with t-shirts

Surprise! You, too, can wrap presents stress-free.
True confession, I am wrapping-impaired.
Let’s just say tape and scissors and paper and I
are not a good combination.
Even before I knew those colored papers didn’t recycle,
I hated wrapping and I hated how wasteful it all was.
Oh sure, you can try to flatten and save for next year,
like my mother-in-law always did.
But who wants to be the paper police on Christmas?
T-shirts are the answer.
You know you have at least half a dozen
of these stuck in a drawer.
Race shirts, charity events, kids’ teams…
all year we get t-shirts we’ll never wear.
Well, here’s their redemption:
Cut off the sleeves and neck.
Cut off the hem on the bottom.

Sew up that hem on your machine.
What? You don’t keep your sewing machine out?
OK, you can cut 2″ slits an inch apart all around the bottom,
then tie them together but it’ll take you longer.

Pop in the present, tie the loops and voila!
The gift tags are cut up college catalogs.
Nice shiny paper, punch a hole and tie it on.

A big box requires more fabric.
If the giftee is a Red Sox fan, leave this side out.
Otherwise, sew the bottom, flip inside out,
tuck in the box and tie.

This is what you do with the arms.

Sew a bit of the hem on the short edge.
Insert gift and tie. Easy smeasy.
The rosettes on top are simple: just twist.
See the ribbons? There’s your bottom hems.
That biggest box has an XXL t-shirt just wrapped around it.
No cutting or taping, just tie and tuck.
Merry Eco-Christmas.

2 responses

  1. I LOVE this idea. This would be a fun craft project with kids…you could have a cool business her. I'm all for reusing, giving new life to the old. Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. what a clever idea…I love it

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