#469: Nantucket Bake Shop, Off-season

Before I lived on Nantucket, I summered here.
My parents moved to the island
while I was in college.
I’d come home summers and work.
Many mornings I’d wake up to my dad
yelling, “Whale eyes! Get ’em while they’re fresh.
Mmmmm, nice crusty outsides, and so tender inside…”
And we’d all pile downstairs to gobble down
the latest box of donut holes from the Bake Shop.
Summer meant Bake Shop,
when they closed, the last remnants of summer
were done.
A long, gray, whales’ eye-less winter
stretched before us…
This year, they’re moving for good.
I made sure to get one last batch of treats
for my grandson at Thanksgiving.
Here’s the kid-sized bench out front.
My kids and now my grandkid have sat here.
How many bakeries have lace curtains
and a place to enjoy the morning sun?
We’ll miss you, Maggie and Jay.
We can’t wait to check out your new location
next summer…

One response

  1. Whale eyes! I love that.

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