#455: Thankful for old barns

Day 9: 30 days of thanks-
(to join, click on the button on the left)
What I love about old barns 
is their sense of history.
You can see the original builder’s stamp
on their design, and in their details.
This barn was at the Old Sconset Golf Course,
just off Milestone Road.
Land being as pricey as it is out here,
there aren’t many barns like this left on the island.

Just storage, no longer needed.
The doors are like sad eyes,
looking toward the main club house.
The sun has now set on this old barn:
it blew down in this week’s nor’easter.
The Land Bank plans to replace the barn
using whatever beams it can salvage.
Nantucket appreciates her history.
I’m thankful for that too.

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