#431: Island Romance

Taking college kids back to school
is a bit more complicated when you live on an island.
Pile all their stuff in the car,
unload onto the luggage carts
(Steamship Authority personnel  are understanding about 
returning students with lots of luggage),
take a quick picture.
Tobias is staying on Nantucket.
Note the bike–it’s about to make a mad dash.

Wave good-bye to home.
I’m taking two kids off to school this trip,
one to Providence, RI, one to Boston.

It’s a tradition for family members left behind 
to dash over to Brant Point for final waves,
and blowing kisses.
As we approach the point, no Tobias.

And we’ve rounded the point,
still no Tobias.

 Tobe’s girlfriend, also going back to school,
calls me from the other side of the ferry.
There he is.
He’d ridden his bike to his Kodiak 
and zipped across to Coatue;
shouting and two-armed waving and blowing kisses.
Girlfriends rule.

2 responses

  1. great post…island living sounds so unusual

  2. thanks for sharing your island stories! enjoyed this post.

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