#426: Soiree aboard the Pride of Baltimore ll

She’s a topsail schooner, a replica of the
  1812 original.
My cousin, his wife, and I were eager to see her.
When we got there, a lady asked for our names,
so we gave them to her.
She checked her list, then wrote us in at the bottom.
Someone with a tray of drinks appeared as soon as we boarded.
Of course, we each took one.
Something fizzy with blood orange juice. Very nice.
Lush flower arrangements.
All the yachts in the harbor have flowers 
perfectly centered on their tables.
It dawned on us that we were at 
some kind of charity soiree.
Society party crashers, Tim and Jaime.
As we left, the name-lady insisted we each take 
a bag:
Sailor swag.
Farewell, Pride of Baltimore II,
it was lovely.

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