#422: Summer Sushi

Summertime is perfect for a Sushi party.
Lots of company to help prepare, and consume.
Cousin Tim preps the shrimp for tempura.
 Jaime turns garden veggies into sushi slivers.
Rory dips garden veggies into beer batter.
David teaches Dylan how to make sashimi.
Nice job, Dylan.

Emily keeps the fish sushi separate from the veggie ones.
Emily’s perfect roll,
done on cardboard,
no bamboo mat needed.
Tobias, Justine and Carol on the production line.
12 cups of rice!

It takes a village

to make sushi.

 The table is set.

The village gathers.
Give thanks to God for the generous sea and garden.
And dig in.

the Wasabi Challenge.

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