#417: A Child’s Nantucket Summer

Sadly, this guy only gets to come for short visits.
We hope he’ll be able to stay longer when he’s older.
Also, his folks don’t want his recognisable picture
on the internet so you don’t get to see
how cute he is.
You can see me, tho’.
He had lots of fun with my camera.
And with his Grandpa.
Catching scup at Brant Point.
An entire day was spent reading stories
with his dad off and on in the tent.
He pounded the stakes all-the-way-down.

Another day for surfing practice.
A boogie board is too flexible for surfing.
Many hilarious shots of him falling off,
but he always got right back on.

Burning off energy jumping.
Kids on the autism spectrum 
have lots and lots of energy.

And lots of curiosity.
A Maria Mitchell Association intern
teaching him how to measure flounder.  

And lots of imagination.
Mommy and Gabe as spies.
Cool mustaches, hmmm?
We miss you, Gabe, come back soon.

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