#391: Spruce tip ‘balsamic’ vinegar

Also known as poor man’s balsamic.
No, balsamic vinegar isn’t made from balsam,
it’s made from grapes, then aged 12 years.
I don’t have time for that but spruce tips
make a summery substitute:
 As soon as the brown sheath falls off, pick the new tip.
 I get about two cups, eat some while you pick,
they’re yummy.
Not too many from one spot or your tree will grow lop-sided.
A few here, a few there.
This was one of our Christmas trees, years ago.
It’s still blessing us.
 See? The tree is taller than our house.
Chop the tips roughly.
Lean in and smell.
 Add enough apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar to float the tips.
 Plus a half dozen peppercorns and a dollop of honey.
Rosemary is good if you plan to use it in a reduction.
Screw on a plastic lid and set next to the sink.
Shake daily for the next three weeks.
Do your happy dance while shaking.
God is so good!
Now strain and enjoy.
In salad dressing, sprinkled over veggies or
straight up as a pick me up.
Who needs yucky old coffee?

One response

  1. Like, but will not get to taste, dont think they have it here in the UK. 😉

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