#381: Clover Blissed Chickens

Chickens need fresh food, not just pellets.
All winter they get table scraps to supplement their pellets,
Come spring they get the clover we planted for them last fall:
Look closely,
on the left is their winter yard. Completely devoid of greenery.
They’ve pecked and scratched it bare. 
But on the right–red clover.
An entire yard of it:

 Chicken bliss,
 Wifi telling our other cochin, Flashdrive, to come on over.
This milk crate protected the last of the clover.
It took them 3 days to eat the whole yard down to stems:

from 6″ tall to stubble.
Luna, Tweedledee and Sadie finish the job.
We are now collecting over a dozen eggs a day.
Thanks, ladies.

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