#378: Atheneum: A Place of Culture

Elegant, isn’t it?
The fluted columns, the magnolia in bloom.
(Click on picture to enlarge)
Leading to the dismemberment of innocent Peeps.
Here are my favorites of 60(!) entries:
 Lord of the Peeps, note the arrow in the front Peep’s head.
Charlotte’s Web: Some Peep.

The Story about Peeps.

Harry Peeper and the Goblet of Fire,
how I wish they’d done the dragon scene.

The Peep of the Wild.
Peeps pulling a sled. Genius.

The Princess and the Peep.

And my favorite:
Great Expeeptations.
Don’t you just love that cobwebby cake?
The Peeps, of course, will remain the same forever.

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