#366: Brooklyn Bridge

Surprise title, no?
David and I went to NYC for a half-marathon.
He finished in 1:58:54, meeting his goal of under two hours.
The day before the race we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge:
 The towers have a cathedral majesty.
 ‘For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe.’
A completely unexpected sight:
 Little locks with names and dates hanging from the bridge.

 Beno and Tene, true love locked in.

City towers of steel and brick and flowerpots on the roof.
Lack of a yard is no deterrent to a true gardener.

Even the mightiest of bridges can use a little help.
Duct tape is always appropriate.


10 responses

  1. Love your photos, just love the Brooklyn BridgeDee

  2. lovely set of pictures telling a story. thanks so much. I pressed g+ love it

  3. what a great post…such thoughtful picks for this week

  4. Such a great post and a great series of thoughtful photos for the theme

  5. Duct tape is wonderful stuff. We used to use the black coloured one for quick repairs to all sorts of things….

  6. i love the locks! reminds me of my trip to Korea… there was this one spot that had a huge collection of locks!!

  7. I am thinking a guy like a deli owner from Brooklyn meets upper East side hottie in Manhattan, love blossoms,they tie a knot hence all those locks exactly in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge.What else? David Glidden

  8. love the discovery of duct tape on the bridge! LOL. 🙂

  9. Duct tape on a bridge, how reassuring! I've never been to the bridge, but I have listened to "Worst That Could Happen"!

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