#356: Stuck on-island during Winter Break

Do you want to know what it’s really like?
Hmmm? The BEAN is closed!
Until March 5th.
Life, as you summer folk know it, doesn’t exist here.
Slush is dropping from the sky.
There were only 40 or so folk in church on Sunday.
Island teens are sitting in shopping carts,
for the fun of it:
What? It’s better than doing drugs.
Our old cat is sleeping, yes, taking whole naps,
on the counter where he isn’t allowed:
Of course, he’s 19 years old so allowances
are being made. 
And me? I’m sorting neckties:
By color and fabric,
in preparation for weaving seats for all those chairs
in the basement.
The bright colors help make up for the weather’s grey.

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