#343: Happy Valentine’s Day from Nantucket

First, the bracelets we made in Sunday School:
When we finished the knots, we ran one end of the line 
through the point of the heart to make a loop.
Then tied the ends through the loop to make a bracelet:
Next, a walk in Squam Swamp,
God’s love is everywhere, 
you just have to keep your eyes and heart open:
in the moss

and the lichens
carved into bark

drawn by a stick

A fallen knot

A hole in a tree

A squirrel’s stash

A stone peeking through
watch where you step

There are worms about, preparing the soil for Spring.

One response

  1. that was lovely!.. showed my grandson the heart knot.. so guess what we are going to try to make..:) God has blessed you with the ability to give a great message in a simple way.. thank you..Eileen

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