#323: President Kennedy’s Bunker

Out in Tom Nevers,
there used to be a Navy base.
Back in David’s bachelor days,
he shared an apartment with a sailor
who left this dish:

The Navy base was abandoned in 1962.
It was a fun place to 
poke around until they took 
most of the buildings down.
One that remains:
Tucked under the hill where we sit to
watch the Demolition Derby,

looking like it belongs in Hobbiton,

Is the bunker built to shelter President Kennedy
in case of a nuclear attack while he
was in Hyannisport.
I can hear it now,
“Quick, Mr. President, we have to 
fly over to Nantucket through
all this nuclear fallout so you can be safe
in the bunker.”

“No wait! Nantucket’s fogged in,
we’ll have to take the ferry.”


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