#303: Graham Cracker Houses

So, I’m not a fan of gingerbread.
I love making little graham cracker houses with kids.
Especially the decorating with candy part.
Here’s the basic construction,
I use Joy of Cooking’s Royal Icing,
building the houses the day before on Chinet plates.

The candy, LOTS of candy,
gets set out in individual bowls.
Frosting bowls get tongue depressors
(from the drugstore) for spreaders.

Did I say lots of candy?
Some kids open the roof of their house and fill it right up.
The objective here is to have over-the-top,
 eye popping abundance.
Christmas is all about undeserved generosity.
God Himself, giving up His glory for creatures
who ignore and reject Him.
Who DOES that???

The table is soon a sticky disaster.
A whole town’s worth of houses.
 Each as sweet and unique as the
kids who made them.
Minimarshmallow smoke rises
from a Reeses Peanut Buttercup chimney.

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