#254: Push Rake Scalloping

 David took me scalloping with him this morning,
at the spot where he got a full bushel last week.
 Waders first.
 There were a couple of guys diving for scallops.
Note the weights and flag.
 Pushing along a bumpy bottom is hard work.
 The milk crate is ready for the harvest.
 Where are they?
 Total catch after an hour:
 But there were so many here last week…
 Heading home.
Try again another day.
We tell the kids:
‘Before anything is easy, it’s hard.’
Nantucket Bay scallops are worth the effort.

One response

  1. This year is worse than last year. The glory days of bay scalloping on Nantucket are long gone. It's over. It will never recover. I am fortunate to see the good years where you could always get your limit of scallops (family and commercial) in record time. Time to face reality. The bay scallop industry on Nantucket has collapsed. The Town biologists have been studying it for decades with no answers. I have an an answer as to why scalloping has failed. It's Mother Nature. She has taken her course. I have commercial bay scalloped on Nantucket for well over thirty years. I will admit it's over.

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